Istanbul Food & Beverage Group’s exciting project, Kronotrop Coffee Bar & Roastery, aims to take the “specialty coffee” trend to its highest level. Mehmet Gürs describes Kronotrop as “the peak of coffee experience,” stating that “Kronotrop isn’t merely a place where you can find coffee beans and roasting techniques, but also somewhere where we can organize workshops which allow coffee enthusiasts to become intimately acquainted with coffee. With Kronotrop, our aim is to promote sophisticated specialty coffee bars like those found in Scandinavia, San Francisco and Brooklyn, but starting here in Istanbul.”

Kronotrop began as a small coffee shop on a side street in Beyoğlu. In a short period of time, Kronotrop have become an essential Mecca for coffee enthusiasts. Having incorporated Kronotrop at the beginning of 2014, Istanbul Food & Beverage Group redesigning and restructuring Kronotrop in order to position it in the same league as the leading international microroasters. For Kronotrop, a brand-new era has begun in the world of global top-class coffee.

Situated in a pleasant venue in Cihangir, Maslak Orjin, Emaar Square Mall, Kartal IstMarina, Davutpasa YTU Teknopark, Topağacı, Antalya Agora Mall, Eskişehir, Moda, Caddebostan, Metropol Ataşehir, Metropol Boyner, 01 Burda Mall Adana and Tunus Street Ankara; Kronotrop has hit the ground offering an exciting experience to coffee enthusiasts. By buying the best available coffee beans directly from producers, and using state-of–the-art roasting techniques, it is rapidly moving forward with the opening of a roasting facility, and an R&D and training center within the Maslak Automative Industrial Estate.